A better way to keep a scrapbook

A better way to keep a scrapbook

Ript screenshotI’m always spotting interesting articles online or images that I’d like to save for future reference and sharing. Often, I’ll just add it to my favourites but I always end up losing them this way or not remembering I’ve placed them there. Ript allows you to capture just about anything that can be seen on your screen enabling you to literally ‘rip’ it off and put it on a floating clipboard.

Ript basically adds a new option to Internet Explorer and Firefox that allows you to drag images from the Internet to a clipboard that stores everything that’s posted to it. Part scrapbook, part ‘to-do’ list (or to-buy list), Ript mimics the actions of ripping, piling and arranging scraps of information. If you can see it on your computer, you can ‘rip’ it – simple as that. Once you’ve pasted your clippings, you can rotate, enlarge, add text, and sort and create different collections. Ript saves you the hassle of right clicking and saving images so you can now just drag and drop your favourite items with ease.

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