A cheap, easy way to extend the life of your HDD

A cheap, easy way to extend the life of your HDD

The hard disk drive (HDD) inside your PC might be cheap, but without regular maintenance, you could lose your data.

Gigabyte for gigabyte, HDDs are up to ten times cheaper than SSDs, making them perfect for tight budgets. But as they tend to fail more often, you need to keep an eye on your HDD’s health to ensure fast, reliable performance.

Modern operating systems will do basic maintenance for you, usually behind the scenes where you have little control. When there’s a problem, it’s usually too late to fix it or back up your data.

To ensure your HDD lasts as long as possible, without risking your data through unexpected failure, you should try HDD Control 3 from Ashampoo.

Here’s why. 

Extending the life of your HDD

To ensure your HDD lasts a long time, you need to regularly check its health.

If you catch a problem early on, you’ll be able to save your data, repair the problem before it gets worse, or even claim for a replacement under warranty.

Unfortunately, Windows bundled software doesn’t cut it – for the best HDD checkup, you need Ashampoo HDD Control 3.

HDD Control 3 does more than just defragment your hard drive; it’s a complete diagnostics tool.

It monitors everything from temperature to memory usage, and alerts you by email if it finds any problems.

It can also free up disk space by searching for and deleting unwanted or duplicate files, slowing fragmentation and reducing wear and tear.

You can even benchmark your HDD’s read and write speeds to ensure you’re getting advertised performance.

The problem with HDDs

HDDs work by storing your data on mechanical platters. When reading or writing data, the platters spin past the disk head which then relays the information to your computer.

As you add and delete files, the platters become a patchwork of used and unused space. Eventually, the platters will lack spaces big enough for new files – especially large files like games or movies – and will instead split them across the drive, called fragmentation.

A fragmented HDD means the platters have to spin further and more often. Not only does this slow down your computer, but it increases wear and tear of your HDD’s mechanical parts – ultimately leading to failure and the loss of your data.

Bumps and knocks to your PC or laptop can also damage these mechanical parts, and unless you’ve an early warning detection system in place, you won’t know what’s wrong until it’s too late.

Why Ashampoo HDD Control 3?

With HDD Control 3 installed on your machine, there are no surprises. If your HDD isn’t working properly, you’ll be the first to know, and can repair, back up, or replace as necessary.

HDD Control 3 comes heavily recommended from a range of consumer tech experts, and we’re adding our name to the list. It’s a great piece of software, and for a limited time, you can save 40% off the retail price of $29.99. 

So download HDD Control 3 today and make sure your HDD is pulling its weight.


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