A free alternative to Excel planning

Dolphinity PlannerExcel is probably the most widely used spreadsheet application used in the workplace and it’s great when working with numbers. However, when it comes to planning schedules and non-numeric tasks, I find it often very rigid. Plus Excel does take quite a long time to get to grips with at first. Dolphinity Planner is a useful alternative that streamlines project planning and is mainly targeted at small businesses or freelancers. It’s basically a complete project management, meetings, tasks and arrangements planning tool in one.

What marks this out over Excel is that it’s much easier to use and much more flexible and clearer to understand. You can easily see projects scheduled including pending projects and tasks to-do. There’s also a handy roadmap which shows you which projects need to be completed by a specific timescale, the person responsible for it and a few logistical details. For employees, its particularly useful because it allows you to assign projects to individuals who may be internal or external. You can of course, share the spreadsheet easily through a web function so that all updates and changes can be seen in real time.

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