A new Google is here (and it’s just for kids!)

A new Google is here (and it’s just for kids!)

Google is a great search engine, yet sometimes, certain search results may not be appropriate for young eyes.

Meet Kiddle: the all-new “kid-friendly” search engine!

As you’ll see below, the interface looks a lot like that of Google’s, however this site is designed to block specific content (words, images and videos, etc) that may be unsuitable for our young ones.  It even gets a little angry if the user tries to search using bad language!

Kiddle tries to block all search results that contain adult content, profanities or specific celebrity photographs. The first three results of the child’s search are from secure and known websites which have been child-friendly certified by the company’s editors.

It’s a great idea, and if it’s something you’d like your kids to start using, watch the introduction video below!

Don’t see the video? Click here.

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