A program to help you reach Digg’s top list

logo-digg.jpgAs bloggers, we must admit we’re not worried only about the quality of the posts we write and the variety of topics we cover. We also want to reach the widest possible audience and one of the best ways to do so is getting to appear on Digg’s front page. However, not everybody qualifies enough to hit what is considered to be the web’s Hall of Fame, so what’s the trick? Could software be the answer?

digg-a-meter.gifThere are hundreds of articles written about how to optimize your blog posts in order to increase your figures in visits, page views, ad revenue and of course the number of diggs. Being profusely dugg contributes greatly to the blog’s popularity and attracts many more potential readers as the word spreads on the web. Most of these articles talk about using keywords, thinking of good titles and optimizing your text in order to raise your chances of hitting Digg’s front page. Nonsense. All you need is the Digg-a-meter.

Developed by Mitchell Harper, this small application calculates your chances of getting to Digg’s top stories by analyzing the title and summary of your post. Just enter the data into its interface, as you would in Digg’s form, and see the results. The Digg-a-meter success percentage is based on eight different comparisons and calculations which are common among Digg’s top stories. But despite having an 85% accuracy level, as explained by the author, Digg-a-meter is not perfect yet.

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