A quick trick for hiding apps on your Android phone

Do you have any secrets on your mobile that you don’t want anybody to know about? Or to be more specific: Do you have an app on your mobile that you don’t want anybody to know about? If you use Android, then we have the perfect tool for keeping your secret from prying eyes: Nova Launcher.

Nova Launcher is an app launcher for Android. It allows you to customize home screen, among other things. What most people don’t know about, however, is the editing function that allows you to disguise your apps. Let’s have a look step by step:

How to hide apps on your mobile

1. Download

The first step is to download Nova Launcher. Here is the link.

Nova Launcher
Download Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a speedy app launcher (which means it modifies the basic interface of your phone or tablet somewhat, changing the user interface you use to browse and launch apps in the process).

2. Find the app

Next, find the application you want to hide. Keep your finger pressed on the icon and you will see four options appear, courtesy of Nova Launcher. Choose Edit.

3. Edit the app icon

In Edit mode, you can change both the name of the application and its icon. This means that an application that could have set alarm bells ringing will go unnoticed if you “disguise” it as just another boring app.

What do you think of this trick? Do you know other ways to hide secret apps on your mobile? Let us know in the comments below.

PS. We take no responsibility for any consequences that follow the implementation of this tip!

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