A recipe to create the perfect password

A recipe to create the perfect password

A great password is your first line of defense against an intruder. While there might be a few important things to look out for when creating a intruder-proof password, it actually isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Here’s one of our favorite password recipes that has been passed down by generations of illustrious password chefs.

The ingredients:

Step 1. Carefully harvest 8 letters from your garden of 26. Don’t pick the obvious ones that spell your name, the street you live in, or the name of your pet hamster. Oh, and remember, select a healthy mix of BIG letters and little letters to ensure that you get a good balance of flavor.

Step 2. Place the letters in a big bowl, and liberally sprinkle in 4 numbers. Make sure they are properly distributed so that the aromas are enhanced. Stir vigorously and thoroughly until all the colors come together perfectly.

Step 3. Now turn your attention to your 3 symbols. There are many symbols littered around your keyboard, so make sure you consider them all. Pick the ones you like the most, it doesn’t matter if you select them based on shape, size, or smell. Gently ease each symbol into your mixing bowl with the rest of the mix. Where you insert each symbol will result in a different flavor profile, so be creative!

Step 4. You’re finally ready. Very carefully, ease the fruits of your labor into a checker, like this one. If it flashes green and signals its approval, then congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a perfect password!

Step 5. Celebrate for 10 seconds, then start all over again for all the other online services you use – email, social media, cloud storage… If you find it too difficult to remember every one of them, use your secret weapon, Steganos Password Manager. It’ll definitely make your life a whole lot easier.

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Now sit back as intruders shake their heads in disappointment and give up on trying to access your account.

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