A revolution is coming to YouTube comments

A revolution is coming to YouTube comments

Comments on YouTube are famous for being angry, offensive and badly written. But they are not all like this, and Google is developing a new system that should make comments much more relevant to you, while discouraging offensive comments and empowering video owners.

New, personalized look for comments

The new comment system is being redesigned so that comments from ‘people you care about’ will appear at the top. This means comments from the video’s creator, popular users and personalities, good discussions and people in your Google+ Circles.

Google+ privacy controls are being added too. Now you’ll be able to comment on a video publicly, or just people in your Circles or even just one person. Conversations will use the same threaded system seem in Gmail.

Users have been encouraged to link YouTube accounts to a Google account for some time. All of this should limit the anonymity of YouTube commenters, and encourage better community spirit and less offensiveness.

Better comment moderation tools

You’ll be able to auto-approve comments from users you like, and block comments with featuring words you define. If video owners make use of this, it could really help the atmosphere of YouTube. When racist, sexist and homophobic terms are blocked in comments, trolls will have much less oxygen.

You can see these controls from today in your YouTube settings, if you have a Google-connected account, and they apply for all your videos at the moment. Soon moderation settings will be available for each video separately, giving you even more control.

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[Source: YouTube Official Blog ]

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