A state of constant evolution

A state of constant evolution

From individual free versions on smartphones to enterprise level protection of thousands of machines at the same time, AVG stands at the front line in the ever-evolving battle against hackers and cyber-criminals. As threats have evolved so, have the defense mechanisms designed to protect against them. Year after year, we hear about new threats like ransomware or advanced phishing scams and year after year AVG update their line of antivirus and security products to counter them. Not all antivirus evolution is born out of threat prevention, however, and this year AVG has added an impressive array new technologies to keep them ahead of potential future threats. Let’s have a look at AVG’s latest versions of antirust products aimed at Business and Enterprises.

A history that adds up to now

It’d be doing AVG Business Edition a disservice if we only spoke about the latest features added this year. As we’ve mentioned, the AVG Antivirus and Internet Security software that protects millions today is made up of years’ worth of updates on top of its core programming. Whereas the new additions to this year’s AVG Business edition give it an edge in the antivirus and security market, it is the program as a whole that keeps your company safe.

AVG now offers, as standard, business protection features like identity protection that prevents spyware and adware from tracking personal information; file server security to keep company files out of hackers’ hands; data encryption; and a file shredder to ensure files are deleted forever and are unrecoverable. Other, now standard, AVG Business Edition features include real-time protection against dangerous websites, proactive AI network protection, and a dedicated firewall that offers added protection against threats like spam, viruses, hackers, and malware. Remote management also gives administrator’s the ability install, configure, and update AVG across an entire computer network from one location while the smart scanner function offers fast and reliable scanning of individual PCS, that won’t get in anybody’s way.

With high-profile ransomware attacks spending so much time in the news recently;, and with a high percentage of attacks coming against business and enterprise, AVG’s ransomware protection is almost like a jewel in the crown. To protect your business’ data from being held for ransom, AVG Business Edition runs multi-stage ransomware analysis and combines static and behavioral tests, and sandboxing.

What’s new?

Each year AVG adds new and improved features to its Business Edition and this year has been no exception. Brand new CyberCapture utilizes cloud-based technology to help stop virus and malware outbreaks in real time. As soon as AVG encounters an unknown threat, which could be on any of the millions of AVG enabled devices, it is immediately uploaded to ThreatLabs. There the threat is analyzed, and an adequate defense protocol is then sent out to all devices protected by AVG, via an update.

Real-time protection against individual threats, via CyberCapture, means AVG can offer much-improved malware detection to all AVG users. A huge step forward that uses the power of the cloud to ensure that not only are threats dealt with in a timely fashion but that all AVG users are protecting each other from potential attack.

As well as CyberCapture and improved malware detection this year’s AVG Business Edition adds an enhanced web shield. AVG’s web shield now sports specific URL website blocking and URL scanning, as well as giving the power to take actions after viruses have been found, like scanning archives upon extraction, script scanning, and script exclusions. An updated user interface rounds off an impressive update to an already impressive antivirus program. If your business is looking for a robust and easy to administer antivirus and internet security solution, then AVG Business Edition could be the answer you’re looking for.

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