Add an instant restart option to Firefox

QuickRestart screenshotIt can be very annoying when you install extensions in Firefox, change themes or alter a configuration file and are then informed that you must restart it for the extension to take effect but are offered no option for doing so. The answer to this problem is – yes that’s right – another extension called QuickRestart.

QuickRestart allows you to instantly restart Firefox via keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+R” or an option in the file menu “Restart Firefox”. It’s a very useful little extension if you’re an add-on freak like me, although it would have been nice if they’d added a restart button to the extensions dialogue window because after all, that’s where you’ll need it most. Because of this, in the end it’s almost as quick just to close the browser and restart it again although the desktop shortcut speeds things up a little. This extension also has the advantage that there’s no annoying “Are You Sure?” prompt when you restart Firefox although the disadvantage of course is, if you press the desktop shortcut accidentally, you lose all your information.

Note that if you’d rather have a restart button on your Firefox toolbar, then you can use the Toolbar Buttons extension which includes a range of buttons including one to restart the browser.

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