Add Chrome’s best features to Firefox

Add Chrome’s best features to FirefoxGoogle’s browser Chrome has undoubtedly caused a complete revolution, not only because it means that the almighty Google also wants its share from the web browser cake, but also because the program in itself included some interesting features we hadn’t seen so far in any other browser.

Now that the hype seems to have calmed down, many of us have decided to go back to our dear old Firefox. Google Chrome is good, but I guess I’m too used to Firefox now to switch to another browser without thinking it twice. However there were a couple of features in Chrome that I liked a lot, so I started looking for a way to implement them into Firefox. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Want to have Chrome’s New Tab page (the one with website thumbnails)? Download the Fast Dial extension and you’ll be able to create a thumbnail gallery with links to your favorite websites.
  • Did you like Chrome’s download manager? Get the Download Statusbar extension and you’ll get pretty much the same functionality in Firefox.
  • Those who loved the Incognito feature in Chrome can replicate it with Stealther, a Firefox extension with which you can temporarily disable the browser’s traces (cookies, history and so on).
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