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A while ago, when Google Chrome came out, we found a way to add Chrome’s best features to Firefox by using certain add-ons that mimic Chrome’s new tab page, download manager and Incognito mode . But the truth is that this trick can be extended to other web browsers as well. That is, you can use Firefox extensions to get features from the competition without having to switch to a different browser.

The following extensions will enable you to have the best from each web browser (Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) while sticking with your dear old Firefox. Choose the ones you like best and tailor Firefox to your taste.


This is by far the browser with most features included by default, so you’ll need a bunch of extensions to put Firefox on the same level.

Add features from other browsers to FirefoxFast Dial

This is Opera’s homepage, where you can set your favorite websites for quick access. You can have the same in Firefox with the Fast Dial or Speed Dial extensions, and also with online services such as Homepage Startup.

Add features from other browsers to FirefoxSidebar

Firefox has already a sidebar where you can load Bookmarks and History, but the Opera Sidebar is much more functional. This difference can easily be solved with the All-in-One Sidebar extension.

Add features from other browsers to FirefoxTab preview

Would you like to have a sneak preview of any opened tab just by hovering your mouse over it? You can have that in Opera… or install the correspondent Firefox extension, such as Tab Scope or Tab Popup.

Add features from other browsers to FirefoxDownload Manager

You can have something similar to Opera’s download manager by gathering all your downloads under a single tab with Custom Download Manager or even transforming Firefox into a BitTorrent client with FoxTorrent.

Other features

Google Chrome

The most recent newcomer to the so-called battle of the web browsers. You can now take advantage of all its features by adding the following extensions to Firefox.

Add features from other browsers to FirefoxGoogle Chrome Theme

Having a Chrome-based Firefox theme will grant you much more space for web browsing. The basic features are included in Chromifox, but if you want further functionality you can use Chrome Package (experimental).

Add features from other browsers to FirefoxNew page

Unlike Opera’s Fast Dial, Chrome’s new page includes the most visited websites, not the ones you select by yourself. If you want to have this in Firefox too, simply download Auto Dial.

Add features from other browsers to FirefoxDownload bar

Chrome’s download bar may seem an innovative feature, but the truth is that you could already have it in Firefox ages ago, just by installing the DownloadStatusbar extension.

Other features

Internet Explorer

Hated by many yet widely used by many others, you can also take advantage of some of its latest features in Firefox with the following extensions.

Add features from other browsers to FirefoxInternet Explorer Theme

OK, it’s not the cutest design in the world but somehow it can make you feel home. You can use the AeroFox Basic or Vista Aero themes but if you feel really nostalgic then you should definitely try the IE6 theme.

Add features from other browsers to FirefoxWebSlices

This new feature – to be implemented in Internet Explorer 8 – helps you keep up with frequently updated sites and can be easily replicated with the WebChunks extension.

Add features from other browsers to FirefoxActivities

Now also known as Accelerators, these special links give you fast access to useful activities on different websites. You can also have them in Firefox with IE8 Activities and Select-n-Go (experimental).

Add features from other browsers to FirefoxQuick Tabs

A simple idea: preview all opened tabs in thumbnails, like Exposé on Mac.  If you want to use it in Firefox, all you have to do is downloading the Tab Catalog extension.

Other features


A decent Mac browser whose Windows version doesn’t seem to be that successful. Even if this is the weirdo in the browser bunch, you can still make use of its best features with these Firefox extensions:

Add features from other browsers to FirefoxSafari Theme

Being probably one of the most elegant browser designs ever made, it’s hard to find exact copies of it. The closest you can get is by installing JetFoxAqua or Macbird.

Add features from other browsers to FirefoxSnapback

This Safari feature lets you set a starting point so you can easily go back to the original search results or top level of any website. And guess what? You can have it in Firefox too with Snapback.

Add features from other browsers to FirefoxProgress bar in address field

A blue progress bar fills in Safari’s address field while the page loads up. It may not be the most useful feature in the world but if you like it, you can get it in Firefox by installing the Fission extension.

[Via: OnSoftware Spain]

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