Add your own soundtrack to GTA San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas for Mac already has a pretty good soundtrack but did you know that you can make it even better by adding your own soundtrack to it? All you have to do is move your music into the correct GTA folder. Here’s exactly how to customize GTA: San Andreas for Mac with your own soundtrack. This tip also works for GTA III and GTA: Vice City.

Make sure the music files you want to use are in WAV format. If they’re not, convert them using a tool such as Music Converter or Switch. Music for both GTA III and GTA: Vice City can be in both WAV and MP3 format. If you have the Mac App Store version of GTA, you may need to look in the Application Support folder to find the Grand Theft Auto folders.

Then do one of the following depending on which game you’re playing:

  • For GTA: San Andreas move the WAV files into YourUsername/Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/User Tracks
  • For GTA III move the files into YourUsername/Documents/GTA3 User Files/User Tracks.
  • For GTA: Vice City move the files into YourUsername/Documents/GTA Vice City User Files/User Tracks

When driving a car in the game, simply select MP3 Station to listen to the music that you’ve added and you’ve got your very own GTA soundtrack.

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