Adobe launch photo sharing service Carousel

Adobe launch photo sharing service Carousel

Adobe have announced the launch of Carousel for Mac and iOS which enables users to share photos seamlessly across Apple devices.

Adobe Carousel gives you access to your entire photo collection from your iPad, iPhone or Mac. Adobe Carousel also allows you to enhance them using the same technology as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. You can import as many photos as you want but you have to pay a subscription fee to use it. At the moment, Adobe are offering an introductory price of $59.99 a year or $5.99 a month although this offer expires January 31, 2012.

The photo enhancement tool is somewhat limited compared to Adobe Lightroom but is useful for just simple effects. Most importantly, you can fix exposure, white balance, and saturation. A slider enables you to change contrast, brightness, vibrancy etc. Changes are none destructive i.e. they don’t affect the original photos.

Finally, you can create libraries which friends and family can access via an Adobe Carousel app for iOS via which they can also add photos to albums.

Adobe Carousel is very polished app and for anyone that doesn’t plan on using iCloud regularly and only wants to share photos, it’s a quick and convenient way of sharing. However, the price of the subscription price will no doubt put-off many mac users but if you only intend on sharing photos and love Adobe products, it may be worth it.

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