Adobe Launches Photoshop Elements 2018: These Are the New Features

Adobe Launches Photoshop Elements 2018: These Are the New Features

Today, Adobe launched the new 2018 versions of Photoshop Elements, Elements Organizer, and Premier Elements. All of them are packed with new features to help us with our photography.

Photoshop Elements 2018 has a new Automatic Selection tool that detects objects faster. Elements also has a new feature aimed at the age-old problem of closed eyes in a photo; if the photo is part of a series, then Photoshop will be able to copy in their open eyes from one of the other photos. The results look natural and organic.

Elements Organizer 2018 has a new tool that uses facial recognition and image analysis to select the best photos. This makes it much easier to transfer selected photos and videos into a suitable gallery. In addition, Adobe has automated eight complex workflows like replacing backgrounds and adding artistic effects to make them easier and faster to perform.

Finally, Premiere Elements 2018 includes a feature called Spontaneous Moments. Spontaneous Moments helps you select the best frames from your video recordings to edit as photos. Premiere Elements will also automatically remove bad scenes and put together the best moments from all takes. Just like all other automated Adobe processes, it is customizable.

Will you try the Adobe’s newest versions? Let us know in the comments.

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