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Adobe launches Spark, offers US customers big savings

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Let’s face it: creating social media posts, web pages and video clips is hard work. And, if you’re a new brand, a freelancer or a small company struggling to turn a profit, it’s extra tough to focus on this critical part of your marketing program – yet hiring a firm to take care of your branding and graphics can cost a small fortune. Enter Adobe Spark, an all-in-one software suite that arms you with everything you need to create professional graphics, posts, web pages and videos with a super-simple interface loaded with impressive tools. The program is available in both a desktop and mobile version, so you can have access to the tools and graphics you need when and where you need them.

While you can play around with both the mobile and desktop versions of Adobe Spark for free, taking advantage of all the software offers requires a subscription. Fortunately, Adobe is offering new US subscribers the chance to try out an Individual premium subscription with a 20% discount on your monthly subscription.

Adobe Spark Desktop

Visit Spark’s desktop site and you’ll be given the option to create graphic content across three different verticals: web pages using Spark Page; videos using Spark Video; and graphics using Spark Post. Each category then offers a range of templates to help get you started. Choose “Graphics,” for example, and you’ll be presented with a range of options for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts and ads, as well as templates for print applications. 

Creation is a true pleasure, thanks to Spark’s bright, user-friendly interface with simple navigation tools. To add something to a page, for example, you simply click the “+” button and choose what it is you want to add: video, text, graphics, etc. Easy, right? Even the video creation tool is a cinch to use. The templates let you simply add some text and photos and the program whips it all up into a professional-looking clip in seconds.

What’s more, Adobe Post doesn’t stop at just helping you create logos and static posts. Once again, through some template wizardry, it’s easy to choose posts that move subtly, with text that materializes out of thin air or graphics that zoom into view in a way that is sure to catch the eye of any scroll jockey. And speaking of graphics and text, the software offers you a dizzying (in a good way) assortment of fonts, images, vector graphics, backgrounds and much, much more.

Spark Mobile

Once your Adobe Spark account is created, you can access your projects on your mobile device as well. Right now, Adobe Post is available for both Android and iOS, while Video and Page are only available for iPhones and iPads


In all cases, the same ease of use carries through. Launch Adobe Post, for example, and you can sort your templates by categories including collages, animations, seasonal, lifestyle, business and more. Tap into a template, tap “Remix this template”, and you can make it your own in a few minutes, changing photos, colors, text, adding animations, dropping in your logo, and more. 


Pricing and features

As we mentioned, it’s possible to use Adobe Spark at no charge, but your access will be limited to just a few basic templates, and the work you create will have the Adobe Spark logo embedded in them. We think the much better deal is to try out an Individual subscription, which the company is offering free for two months. Doing so will unlock a treasure trove of templates, graphics and fonts. Here’s what you get by upgrading:

  • Create, add to, manage, and share your assets with CC Libraries in Spark
  • Invite others to work on your branded projects and easily tag-team edits
  • Create from branded templates and themes made just for you
  • Easily switch between brands while editing your project to boost your productivity
  • Remove the Adobe Spark watermark from all your projects—forever
  • Access the complete library of beautiful Adobe Fonts and premium templates

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