Adobe releases Lightroom for iPad, subscription required

Adobe releases Lightroom for iPad, subscription required

Lightroom is now available for the iPad for photographers on the go. The app is meant to be an extension of the desktop version of Lightroom. The iPad version lacks a lot of more advanced features so you’ll probably want to finish editing on a computer.

To make editing easier, Lightroom for iPad automatically syncs photos to the Creative Cloud. Your photo library and edits will follow you no matter what device you’re using.

Lightroom for iPad RAW

As you would expect, Lightroom for iPad requires a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. The cheapest plan is $9.99 per month, so using Lightroom for iPad over time will not be cheap.

If you’re a professional photographer, chances are you already subscribe to Creative Cloud. In that case, Lightroom for iPad is a nice addition for doing some quick edits on the go.

Download Lightroom for iPad

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