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Affordable accessories for photography enthusiasts

Photography lovers, are you ready to take the next step? If you love going out with your camera and taking pictures, we’ve got four great accessories to make your photos turn out better. This gear is only as good as your ability to use it, but with a little practice, you can dramatically improve the quality of your images!

A tripod

If you’ve been taking photos for a while and still don’t have a tripod, it’s time to get one. Maybe for “normal” photos, it doesn’t make sense, but if you need to mess with shutter speed, a tripod becomes your best friend. The one we’ve included here is less than $17. It’s just 16.5 inches when collapsed, but extends to 50 inches at full height. It only weighs 1.25 pounds, so you’ll barely feel it. This thing also has a quick-release plate, so if you need to grab your camera in a hurry, you won’t have to sit there and unscrew it. As a bonus, this tripod is made of aluminum and not plastic.

Camera bag

Once you have a real camera and not just your phone, you’ll have a lot more accessories to carry. Lenses, batteries, filters, the list goes on. Don’t just ram it all in a duffel bag. Get yourself a legit bag with specific pockets and storage areas for memory cards and lenses and the camera body. It protects your gear and makes it way easier to transport.

Hand grip

As important as a tripod is, a solid hand grip can be even more important for photographers on the go. It attaches between your wrist and the camera and with a fixed system almost identical to a tripod, it keeps the camera body stable. It’s almost magic. Unlike the conventional tripod, a hand grip offers greater freedom of movement. And if black isn’t your thing, you can get one in camouflage or a floral pattern.

Reflector pack

Now we’ve reached the professional level: reflector packs. Photographers who rely on these reflector discs really know their craft. You can’t just fling them anywhere. You have to know how to play with light and shadow.

Every reflector has a color: silver, gold, black, white, and translucent. It’s important to know how each one works, since each produces a different effect. If you’re willing to experiment, these reflectors are light, easy to carry and are 43 inches wide.

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