Find great airport food with these apps

Find great airport food with these apps
Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins

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You don’t need to be rushing through the largest, most confusing airport in the world to appreciate the simplistic joy of finding a perfect bite to eat before hopping on a flight or welcoming a friend home.

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If you’re a foodie, frequent traveler, or average human, we recommend these apps. They can help you find a good airport restaurant, get your meal quickly, and maybe even something more! You probably know about Yelp and TripAdvisor, but the apps we’ve assembled take things a step further.

Find great airport food with these apps



Yep, that’s the name!

Grab focuses on exactly what their name implies: helping users order food ahead of time, so they can stop by and pick up their purchase before heading into the terminal.

If you don’t want it to check your location, you can still just choose the proper location. Upon opening the app, find your airport:


Once there, Grab provides a large list of possible restaurants, along with their location. You also have the option to peruse through retail outlets and service stations. That way, when you’re visiting Arizona, you can make sure to get that turquoise bracelet you’ve always wanted!


Among its other strengths, Grab has two more benefits we’d like to note: first, receipts are stored for later so you can track your finances. Second, and more importantly, you have the ability to store your favorite foods for easy ordering the next flight around!

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A voyage with Trippie begins like any other: hop into the app and select your departure location.


From here, things become a bit different. Rather than suggesting food right off the bat, Trippie provides a huge litany of resources:


While the app mainly provides information on restaurants nearby, there are many other things this app can do! If you need to know your way around the airport, it can direct you. If you’re looking for a chat buddy, you can join the community, pick a chat handle, and talk anonymously with other people!

The list goes on. If you’re looking for more than food, this airport EXPERIENCE app may be your cup of tea!

But now, let’s return to food…


The food section opens a menu. We’d like to note that every store gets a relatively large picture, limiting your list to about two restaurants per page. You may want to put the Filters option to good use.

Other than that, the app has a lot to offer!

Trippie: The Airport App download free ►



Finally, to top off our list, we have a classic food app.

Grubhub wasn’t intended to find food in airports, but it’s great at discovering restaurants anywhere:


Still, despite the ability to find a meal nearby, it may be difficult to have food delivered to you, which is one of Grubhub’s main strengths. You might need to set a meeting point with the delivery driver outside the airport terminal, or even the building itself. The app wasn’t specifically optimized for an airport environment.

Still: benefits of using Grubhub? Before and after reaching your destination, you’ll be able to use a world-class food delivery system! Nothing wrong with that.


Download these apps and see how they can make your next trip a little less stressful. And remember, calories consumed on vacation don’t count!

Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins

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