New ‘Aladdin’ song clip is… worrisome

Ben Bowman


So this summer’s upcoming live-action “Aladdin” has been catching hell since the first terrifying shots of Will Smith’s genie character hit the internet. Today, we got more than a minute of this movie’s version of the song “Prince Ali.” Buckle up.

Will Smith Genie


What is even going on here? As Vulture pointed out, the song is now sllloooooww. Refresh your memory of the original. It’s jaunty, it’s bombastic, it’s packed with life.

In contrast, the live-action version feels like a low-energy rehearsal for the real thing. Also weird: Smith’s trademark “ha ha” and “woo” and “uh-huh” ad-libs feel like something he’s doing just to kill time.

Also, why are we seeing ostriches during the “exotic-type mammals” line? Was no one even looking at the lyrics?

Disney’s live-action “Aladdin” arrives in theaters on May 24.

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