All kinds of alien adventures

The magnificent ETWhen I was younger I watched the film ET and it changed my life. I wanted to be an alien. So I dressed in a blanket and got my friend to ride me around on his BMX. For a whole summer. And even though we never flew I felt the same fear that the poor long-necked extraterrestrial must have suffered. Mainly because my blanket was pink and a boy called Andrew Johnstone kept throwing stones at me. Today, I still have the same enthusiasm for alien life, as well as a scar on my forehead from a well-aimed rock. If you too love boggle-eyed little spacemen with flaming fingers then check these out:

  • Lost Planet Extreme Condition – Ice, snow, a strange planet and evil aliens
  • Prey – Tommy, the mechanic, has been abducted with his girlfriend. Please save them
  • Monster Fair – Aliens on earth are running a circus. Seriously
  • Cybernoid 2 – A Spectrum and Commodore spaceship classic
  • B-Intruders – A free up-to-date game of Space Invaders
  • Scavenger – Absolute carnage: A human, a droid and a whole load of weapons
  • Space Taxi 2 – Drive aliens, businessmen and robots in a flying car
  • Laser Dolphin (Mac and Windows) – Only Laser Dolphin can save the Prime Minister
  • OttoMatic (Mac) – A giant brain has landed on Earth. Outwit him/her/it
  • Johnny Rumble (Java) – Rumble’s cool, he ain’t no fool, he kills aliens before school. Yo
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