How to get around the iPhone Alarm bug

How to get around the iPhone Alarm bug

While half the world was celebrating Halloween, the other half was adjusting their clocks to the new daylight saving time for winter, starting effectively Sunday October 31st at 3:00 AM. But the iPhone didn’t seem to notice, and though the device switches hours automatically, a bug in iOS4 prevented many of them from working it out successfully. Time was adjusted, but the built-in alarm failed. This resulted in thousands of iPhone users being woken up an hour late!

The daylight savings time is coming to the US on Sunday 7 November, so if you want to avoid having trouble with your alarms, you have two options: either you buy a standard alarm clock for your bedside table, or you use any of the dozen alarm apps you can find in the App Store. Here are some of them:

iPhone alarm appsNightstand Central – This complete alarm clock includes a sleep timer, weather info and customizable backgrounds. You can listen to your favorite music or audiobooks while going to sleep, set up various alarms with different configuration options and make use of the app’s convenient flashlight if you need to get up in the middle of the night.

iPhone alarm appsAlarm Clock Free – A nicely designed alarm clock for the iPhone that includes a gorgeous LCD-style display, support for multiple alarms, 11 built-in alarm sounds and customizable snooze function, among other features. The Pro version lets you use your favorite songs or playlists as alarm sound, includes more themes and also has a built-in flashlight.

iPhone alarm appsClock Pro – More than just an alarm app, Clock Pro combines many clock and timer functions in one program. You can use it as an alarm clock with regular sounds or with your favorite music, and also as a timer for different purposes: a world clock to display the time around the globe, a chess clock, a stop watch, a sleep timer, a metronome, even an egg timer!

iPhone alarm appsGoodnite – A fully customizable alarm clock that uses different LED displays, screen orientations and personal backgrounds images. You can have it play your favorite songs at night when going to sleep, and play an alarm sound – or iPod playlist – in the morning at an increasing volume to wake up without any rush.

iPhone alarm appsTimeTuner Radio  – A powerful app that wakes you up not only with its own alarm sounds or your favorite iPod songs and playlists, but also with any of the 30,000 online radio stations the program can tune in to. Other interesting features are support for unlimited, customizable alarms, dual time zone (perfect for travelers), and night mode (to adjust brightness).

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