Amazon Wants to Deliver your Purchases Using Parachutes!

Amazon Wants to Deliver your Purchases Using Parachutes!

How do you feel about that new graphics card or laptop you’ve ordered off Amazon being dropped out of the sky when it gets delivered? Sounds crazy but Amazon themselves don’t think so. Amazon has recently filed a patent for a shipping label that contains a built in parachute meaning we might be seeing our deliveries dropping form the sky at some point in the future.

The patent says that the shipping label will look like any other shipping label but underneath there will be a system of cords and a parachute to ensure whatever you’ve bought doesn’t smash to pieces on landing.

Obviously, this is all looking ahead to when drone deliveries are much more common but we’ve already seen the first drone based delivery take place. Amazon Prime Air completed its first delivery in December of last year and it only took 13 minutes from click to delivery.

If we add parachute landing of the items to this process it’ll only be more efficient. Takeoff and landing are the most treacherous part of any flight so if a safe delivery system, for the package only, can be successfully developed delivery times could fall even lower. Amazon is smashing it with the development of their drone delivery system leaving only one thing left to say.


Via: GeekWire

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