Amazon’s Alexa is getting some cool updates

Amazon’s Alexa is getting some cool updates

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has seen its fair share highs and lows. Highs include Razer’s Project Linda, which will see Razer’s new mobile phone power a full 13” laptop and lows have included a robot that repeatedly ignored the presenter during a demo. Mostly, all the announcements just pass us by but Amazon’s announcements about Alexa have caught our eye.


Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

From: Amazon

Amazon have announced that they’re opening up Alexa to developers who plan to add it wearables and peripherals like headphones. A company, called Vuzix, has taken this announcement and ran with it, announcing a pair of Alexa powered smart glasses. Alexa will be able to answer user requests visually and provide responses to queries ranging from stock prices to sports scores. The smart glasses will start out at $1,000 a pair but Vuzix CEO, Paul Travers, says the price is to decrease to $500 by next year.

Another cool update regards Amazon’s Echo Buttons. For those not familiar with Echo Buttons, they’re sold in pairs and can be used with Alexa like you users buzzers on a gameshow. Playing Alexa’s trivia sees Alexa acting like a host with the quickest to buzz getting to answer the questions she asks. Amazon have since announced that’ll also be opening up Echo Buttons to developers, which means we can expect to see more cool Alexa powered applications taking example of Echo Buttons’ functionality. Watch this space.

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