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An old favorite is getting a sequel

An old favorite is getting a sequel

Theme Hospital was an absolute classic back in the day. Bullfrog’s hospital building sim was anything but a run of the mill affair. Everything down to illnesses of the patients walking through door contained comical elements and the resource management elements that Bullfrog had honed in Theme Park made for a fun yet challenging experience. Now more than 20 years later, the team behind Theme Hospital are bringing us Hospital 2.0 and they’ll be hoping that can hit the same sweet spot that they hit with Theme Hospital.

Theme Hospital Play Now

While a hospital simulation isn’t most people’s idea of an exciting game, Theme Hospital takes on the challenge head first and proves doubters wrong. In this game, finding cures for hilarious diseases is all part of the job—you’ll even see the Grim Reaper walking the hallways.

The announcement trailer shows that Hospital 2.0 will definitely try to capture the humor elements of Theme Hospital. Light-headedness is something that at one time or another has afflicted us all. Not one of us, however, has had our head literally turn into a lightbulb like in the Hospital 2.0 trailer. With two of Bullfrog’s own running Two Point Studios, the studio behind Hospital 2.0, there are tangible links to Theme Hospital and we hope that they’ll bleed through into this new title.

There is no announced release date for Hospital 2.0 but if you sign up on the game’s new website, you’ll be kept up to date and get a free in-game item upon the game’s release.

Did you ever play Theme Hospital back in the day?

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