Analyze your Facebook data with Wolfram Alpha

Analyze your Facebook data with Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram AlphaWhat I love about Wolfram|Alpha is that whenever it rolls out a new tool, there’s always genuinely interesting data to discover. The self-styled Computational Knowledge Engine’s latest feature lets you analyze your Facebook user data and visualize your friends and networks in interesting new ways. By visiting Wolfram and connecting your Facebook profile, the web tool generates a series of fascinating data sets and graphs on a variety of topics, from your friends’ hometowns to the time of day you post photos.

I’m not the world’s #1 Facebook user (I even wrote a guide about how to delete your FB profile, but that was 2 years ago). But even with my limited use and lack of FB friends, I found data that interested me. I had no idea that my eldest FB friend is 100 years old! Or that so many of my friends are married.

When you connect your profile, the first thing you see is lots of data sets about your Facebook use: what type of posts you prefer, when you post them, what you Like, as well as data about your friends, where they come from, their relationship status, and more. You can specify which area you’d like to look at, with queries like my friends on FB or my social network.

As well as all that, sign up for a pro account (there’s a free trial) and you can interact with your FB data in even more interesting ways, as well as downloading your data to manipulate in your preferred graphing software at home. And who wouldn’t want to do that?!

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