Be careful: this Android antivirus app is hiding malware

Russell Kidson


Android is one of the most widely used and best-loved mobile operating systems. Unfortunately, that honor doesn’t come without its risks. While competitor iOS has had its share of struggles when it comes to malware and trojans on its App Store, Android’s Google Play Store is plagued by far more and far more serious malicious software. The latest is an ‘antivirus app’ called Antivirus, Super Cleaner

This trojan app, published by Zbynek Adamcik and listed in the tools category on Google Play, contains SharkBot banking app malicious software. SharkBot is incredibly advanced in comparison with its contemporaries like TeaBot because it doesn’t require third-party control and automates a slew of malware properties. Specifically targeting banking apps, this malware can trick you into entering your sensitive banking credentials into a third-party app by creating an exact clone of your screen interface on an overlay.

Be careful: this Android antivirus app is hiding malware

It does this to collect touch and type input to relay to hackers. Once it has infected your phone, the malware can also install third-party apps without your knowledge or permission, possibly infecting your phone with even more malware. SharkBot also has defenses built into its code that prevents easy uninstallation. 

The biggest problem with this malware disguising itself as an antivirus app is that so many people are looking for antivirus apps these days. The other thing is that any kind of ‘free’ antivirus and phone cleaner utility is going to be more appealing due to the price tag attached to the big-name apps. Nonetheless, to protect yourself from threats like this, it’s always wise to invest in trusted antivirus software. 

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Stick around to read up on the industry-leading antivirus, malware detection, and phone cleaner utilities, and remember, don’t just install any app from any play store utility. Do your research, check out comments, watch reviews, and look at the community ratings. A quick internet search also sometimes provides clarity on whether an app is suspicious or not.

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