Android Experiments – Is this what the future looks like?

Android Experiments – Is this what the future looks like?

Google’s Android mobile operating system was built to be an open and flexible platform. Nothing highlights this more than the Android Experiments initiative, which gives developer’s experiments playing around with the Android OS a platform for recognition. Android Experiments not only showcases the finished products of these experiments it also highlights the process that has gone into each of them in a bid to encourage more developers to submit experiments of their own.

All the tools are there and some of the results are fantastic. One experiment has seen the operating system being turned into a classic arcade game emulator with various widgets being used to position the control buttons. This is an extremely fun way of bringing a normally static background to life.

These experiments really are worth checking out even if you’re not a developer. It is inspiring to see just how much is possible. You can turn your phone into a wireless 3D mouse or a gamepad, for your PC. Another experiment allows you to link Android devices to display visual messages. How about throwing virtual paper planes or turning your own facial expressions into emojis? All of these cool options and more are there.

All in all Android Experiments is like an inspirational app store filled with cutting edge beta versions of the apps and OS features that will be found on the mobiles of tomorrow. Take the time to head over and you will not be disappointed.



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