android2cloud – Phone to Browser in a Single Step

android2cloud – Phone to Browser in a Single Step

Even with a fast internet connection and a great mobile device, some websites are just better viewed on a full size computer screen. That’s fine in theory, but what if you’re browsing with your phone and you see something interesting that you would prefer to read later on your computer? Well, Android/Chrome users are in luck. android2cloud is an application that you’ll need to install on your phone and your computer, on the phone in the form of a simple Android app, and on your computer in the form of a Chrome extension.


If anything catches your attention while you are browsing, just hit options > share > android2cloud. Next time you fire up Chrome, the article or page will be waiting for you to read. You’ll also see a little green Android logo on the Chrome interface after installing android2cloud – click on it, and the last article you pushed will appear.

Unfortunately, android2cloud has a major flaw – it only pushes the very last article you send to Chrome. That means that even though you might notice and send 4 articles, when you open Chrome, only the last article will appear. Presumably the developer knows this and is working on the problem (it’s mentioned in the comments section of his website) and a solution will be forthcoming. When it is, android2cloud will be a formidable Android app.

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