Android’s new icon design leaked

Lewis Leong


Leaked screenshots show Android is about to get a flatter, simpler icon design. Android Police got their hands on screenshots that shows Google is about to unify its icon design for all its products. They rate this rumor as 7/10, which means it’ll likely be debuted soon, possibly at Google I/O in June.

Below, you can see icons for Google’s first-party apps like Gmail, Calendar, Google+, People, Chrome, and more. Google gets rid of shadowing, replacing it with darker colors to give its icons depth. Icons aren’t constrained to rounded squares like iOS, and can be made into any shape. Take the Camera icon for example.

Android’s new icon design leaked

Developers will have to change their icon design language if they want their app to feel native to Android. If you can’t wait for Google to redesign its icons, you can run a third-party launcher like Nova Launcher with a custom icon pack.

Check out Android Police’s useful infographic about the leaked changes below.

Android Police icon comparison

Source: Android Police


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