Angry Birds Go! out now on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Rovio’s latest extension to the Angry Birds franchise is out now: Angry Birds Go!. It’s a karting game that’s free to play with premium features, and sees the birds and pigs racing each other downhill, and for the first time realized in 3D.

Like its predecessor, Angry Birds Go! is well designed for playing on the move in short bursts. You steer with touch or tilt, and drifting round corners, a mainstay of karting games, is activated automatically. The game’s biggest innovation is the start – you fling your kart across the start line with a catapult. After that it’s karting as usual, with simplified racing and powerups.

Angry Birds Go! is free to play. As you progress, you’ll need to upgrade your kart, and also buy new ones. You do get in game currency by playing the game, but it’s a grind to make enough money for the upgrades you need. You can of course pay real money to speed up the process, but be warned as Karts can cost anywhere up to $49!

Angry Birds Go! is a polished looking game, but it’s heavily geared towards casual play, reducing karting to something extremely simple. In a genre that is already heavily simplified, Angry Birds Go feels very shallow. The freemium model is a little aggressive, as it spoils the fun of the game unless you pay.

Download Angry Birds Go for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


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