Angry Birds Go! release date leaked by toy ad

Angry Birds Go! release date leaked by toy ad

Details about Rovio’s upcoming game, Angry Birds Go!, are still a mystery. The company has released a teaser site and explained that it will be a kart game but there are no confirmed details beyond that. However, a Toys R Us listing for Angry Birds Go! show that the game will have a toy tie-in as well as an expected release date of October 31st.


The toy set shows some of the karts you can look forward to driving in the game. Many resemble vehicles that you build in Rovio’s Bad Piggies game. The toy tie-in will work much the same as Angry Birds Star Wars II, which “teleports” your physical toys into the game.

There’s still no details about which platform the game will be releasing on nor is there information about pricing. While the leaked date from Toys R Us looks solid, the company can change the date prior to launch.

For more information about Angry Birds Go!, check out the trailer and teaser site.


[Source: Toys R Us | Polygon]

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