What announcements are we expecting at The Game Awards?

What announcements are we expecting at The Game Awards?
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

We’re almost at that time of year again when The Game Awards goes live. It’s an annual event that Geoff Keighley hosts, presenting the best titles for the year in several categories. The best part is that we also see some game announcements and reveals, usually as premiere trailers.

Geoff indicated that there will be about 30 to 40 game announcements this year, despite The Game Awards planning to be shorter this time around. While that’s a massive number of announcements, we have some confirmed reveals already. I’ll chat about them first before heading into some rumors. 

Remember, The Game Awards takes place on December 8, 2022, at about 1.30 am BCN time (19:30 Eastern Time).

Confirmed game reveals for The Game Awards

Let me begin with a few games we already know will be announced at The Game Awards. We’ve already seen mentions of these games on Twitter and from the publishers, so it’s a done deal that we’ll see premiere trailers for these.

Final Fantasy 16

One of the biggest announcements at The Game Awards will probably be an official release date for Final Fantasy 16. The game’s producer, Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida, indicated that he will be there in person for a live presentation. You should also bear in mind that Geoff Keighley mentioned that we’ll see more gameplay trailers than teasers at the show, so we’ll possibly see some gameplay elements.

announcements are we expecting at The Game Awards

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

We’ve been waiting for this Jedi: Fallen Order sequel for quite a long time. Thanks to the popularity of its predecessor, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor will shed more light on the gameplay aspects. Electronic Arts confirmed that it will be part of The Game Awards with more than a simple short trailer.

Respawn Entertainment is at the helm of developing Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. It will remain a single-player game set five years after Fallen Order. Cal Kestis and his crew return once again as the main team in the story, while the narrative will have a strong part in the game.

announcements are we expecting at The Game Awards

Baldurs Gate 3

Technically, we already had a premiere game reveal for Baldurs Gate 3 before The Game Awards even showed. Geoff Keighley went as far as to indicate the game will be revealed at the event with the trailer on Twitter. Hopefully, it means we’ll have more gameplay and release date details. It also means that the game will finally leave early access after so many years.

Rumored The Game Awards reveals

Now that you have a general idea of the confirmed announcements, here are some speculations for a few games we expect to see reveals for at The Game Awards. If we’re wrong, don’t shoot us. However, all indications are that we’ll see some sort of news about them at the event.

Next Hideo Kojima game

Ever since Death Stranding launched in 2019, Hideo Kojima spared no expense to mention or post about the sequel. We know there’s going to be one, we just don’t know when. Many fans have mentioned that Kojima and Geoff are BFFS, so there’s a good chance that there may be a reveal about Death Standing 2. 

If not, then we’ll probably see an announcement about the other game Kojima has been going on about. We don’t know much about Overdose, but there have been some leaks already. After Konami made several Silent Hill game announcements, we’re sure Kojima will want to step up to the plate. If you know the history of the P.T. Demo and Silent Hills cancellation, you’ll understand why this is important.

announcements are we expecting at The Game Awards

Elden Ring DLC

While we know that Elden Ring is in for the running of the Game of the Year award against God of War Ragnarok, we also expect more to appear at the show. Mostly, I feel we’ll see a reveal of a brand-new DLC for the epic dark fantasy game. If so, fans worldwide will be really excited to see what new story and content there will be.

Ok, so Elden Ring only released a few months ago, but there’s no reason we can’t see an announcement, at least for the DLC. If it does appear, we could probably expect a launch late in 2023 or early 2024. Here’s hoping, anyway.

announcements are we expecting at The Game Awards

Diablo IV

We’ve already had some speculations as to the official release date of Diablo IV. While the publishers indicated April 2023, I still think The Game Awards will see a surprise change towards the end of the year. It’s been in development and testing for so long, I don’t really want to wait much longer for it.

Diablo III was such an exciting title to play, and I still enjoy the seasons that are ongoing. My only fear is that the seasons will come to an end with the release of Diablo IV, leaving many gamers pining until they can get their hands on the sequel. At least we can play Diablo Immortal so long.

announcements are we expecting at The Game Awards

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

In September earlier this year. Ubisoft confirmed that Assasin’s Creed Mirage is in development. Some leaks appeared online of footage from the game, forcing Ubisoft to acknowledge its existence. I have a strong suspicion we’ll see some more gameplay elements at The Game Awards.

At one point, we thought Assassin’s Creed was losing its mojo. Then, it made such an amazing comeback with AC: Origins that we just dove back into the franchise. I’m personally looking forward to seeing what Ubisoft does with Mirage.

announcements are we expecting at The Game Awards

Will you be watching The Game Awards?

There you have it, some confirmed and suspected games to be revealed at The Game Awards. While there are plenty more to come, at least we have a feeling of what to expect. The question is, how many of you will be up late watching the show, or will you wait for the highlights to appear on YouTube and Twitch?

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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