App of the Week: Fallout Shelter

Alex Beech


Occasionally a game explodes on to the scene and you feel that its appeal may not last. So, you wait. You wait to see if, a little while after launch, it will still feel as fresh and as fun as it did day one. Well, the dust has settled, and nearly a month after it launched on iOS we are happy to say that we still regularly find ourselves hiding in Fallout Shelter.

As the Overseer of a nuclear fallout shelter, known as a Vault, this society sim has you managing the lives of all those individuals lucky enough to have made it to safety. In their new subterranean home, you must care for all of their needs – supplying the basics of power, food, and clean water, while also attempting to fulfill them emotionally with a satisfying job and a family.

App of the Week: Fallout Shelter

It is a system that has you carefully balancing your resources and micromanaging your Vault’s populous. This demands that you look at your dwellers skills to assign them the right roles, ensure you move people to areas when there is an emergency, and give them the right… partners (we are rebuilding the human race here people, free choice can wait).

To add a little more spice, your Vault can be stricken by a number of emergencies, such as invasions by raiders. These can easily damage your civilization at first, but – after sending your own raiding parties out into the irradiated wasteland a few times to scavenge for supplies – you will soon weapons and items to strengthen you against these attacks.

Fallout Shelter is a wonderful lightweight society management sim, with a great look and lots of hooks to keep you coming back for more.

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