App of the Week: Fixed for iOS

App of the Week: Fixed for iOS

In our App of the Week series, we highlight some of the most unique, coolest, and most interesting mobile apps to hit the Android and iOS market. This week we have Fixed, an iOS app out of San Francisco that helps you fight the dreaded parking ticket.

How does it work?

If you’ve gotten a ticket you don’t think you deserve, simply take a picture of it, and it’ll be sent to the folks over at Fixed. From there, they’ll do the necessary research based on where you got the ticket, to see if you actually have to pay for it or not. If it turns out that signage was missing, or some other external factor made the parking situation unclear, they’ll help you fight the ticket.

Fixed App for iOS

The app is free, and if you don’t successfully fight the ticket, you owe Fixed nothing. If, on the other hand, they successfully help you beat the ticket, you have to pay them 25% of the cost of the ticket, what seems like a fair deal if you were just planning to pay for the ticket anyways.

Fixed App

It’s quite a unique concept that can take a lot of the leg work out of the process for users, but keep in mind, they’ll only help you fight the ticket for legitimate reasons. Fixed is currently only available in San Francisco, but is hoping to come to other major US metro areas soon.

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