App of the Week: Project CARS

App of the Week: Project CARS

Softonic’s App of the Week highlights some of the coolest, most unique, and popular apps that have been released for Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac. This week, it’s the big racing title of 2015, Project CARS.

Project CARS isn’t a pure simulator, but it’s pretty close, and certainly isn’t an arcade game. As PC gamers have not had a Gran Turismo or Forza game, Project CARS fills this gap. But it’s arguably a better driving game than either of those console exclusives, with a much more visceral feel to the racing (especially compared to Gran Turismo).

The other refreshing thing about Project CARS is that it doesn’t force you to ‘rise through the ranks’. Let’s be honest, grinding your way through licenses and classes of slow cars, before you can drive the cars you probably can’t in real life is a drag. Project CARS lets you start where you want, and that’s great.

This is quite a tough game, though, but the wealth of settings mean you can set it up just about any way you like. There’s a raft of driving aids, and you can change the sensitivity and layout of all the controls. Even on ‘beginner’ settings, this is not a casual racing game, but it’s loads of fun. We’d like to see a bigger library of cars to choose from, but as it gets the feel of driving so right, it’s difficult to complain.

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