Apple annoys users by pushing U2 album to their iTunes

Apple annoys users by pushing U2 album to their iTunes

Irish rock band U2 took to the stage after Apple’s big announcement Tuesday. After a bit of awkward dialog between U2 frontman Bono and Apple CEO Tim Cook, both revealed that the latest U2 album would be a free iTunes exclusive. What they didn’t tell you is that you’re going to get the album, whether you want it or not.

If you have an iOS device, you’ll notice a new album in your Music app. U2’s new album Songs of Innocence, was pushed to all iTunes users last night. The album is available to stream or download right from the app. Getting rid over it, however, is not so easy.

U2 Songs of Innocense iPadGo away, Bono!

You can delete the album from your iTunes but the album will live on forever in your iCloud. To hide the album from your iTunes library, launch iTunes and go to the iTunes Store. In the Quick Links section, click on the Purchased. Click on Music then Purchased to see your most recently purchased albums and tracks. Hover over the album and an “X” will display over it, letting you hide it.

How to hide U2 album

If you even decide you want some U2 in your life, you can unhide it by going to the iTunes Store and finding the iTunes in the Cloud section. Look for Hidden Purchases and Bono will be there waiting for you.

While it’s nice of Apple to provide a free album, it should should have just given users a redemption code.

Users took to Twitter to voice their anger with Apple. Here are just a few reactions:

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