Apple Healthbook is a serious health and fitness tracker

Lewis Leong


Newly leaked images of Apple’s upcoming Healthbook app have emerged. Sources inside Apple provided 9to5Mac with screenshots of the app. What Apple has created is one of the most comprehensive health and fitness tracking apps ever.

For health tracking, Healthbook will log heart rate, hydration, blood pressure, nutrition, blood sugar, and more. Each section is its own “card,” which resemble’s Apple’s PassBook digital wallet app.

Apple Healthbook is a serious health and fitness tracker

Healthbook - via 9to5Mac

Healthbook will help track your fitness, like Fitbit and Jawbone currently do. Metrics like calories burned, steps taken, and miles walked aren’t surprising. However, hydration and respiratory rates are more advanced. This could prevent people from over stressing their bodies during a workout.

Sleep habits can also be tracked using Healthbook. Other fitness bands and apps can also do this but aren’t the most accurate. Sleep tracking uses accelerometers to detect restlessness through motion, not your actual brain patterns.

Perhaps most intriguing is how Apple intends to gather all this data. The iPhone only has so many sensors in it. How does Apple plan to measure respiratory rate and blood work? There are rumors that Apple is looking to release a smartwatch in the near future, which could provide data for health and fitness tracking.

Source: 9to5Mac


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