Don’t get scammed: find the best price on Black Friday with these apps

Shaun M Jooste


Black Friday is already here! Black Friday Week and next Friday, November 25, the big event. You’ll find fantastic discounts in all types of stores, making it the perfect opportunity to buy presents for Christmas.

Of course, you’ll need to be extra careful. During November, many businesses will take the chance to raise their prices with “false offers” for the approaching Black Friday. Should you purchase from these online shops, it will be challenging to know whether or not they are scamming you. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, we’re showing you a list of apps and extensions to monitor prices and determine if these so-called discounts are worth your money.

Don’t get scammed: find the best price on Black Friday with these apps


Let’s begin with Keepa, a free extension you can use in  Chrome, Firefox, SafariMicrosoft Edge, and Opera. With the help of Keepa, you can check the historical price of various Amazon products. By searching for these products on the Amazon store, the Keepa extension reveals a graph that indicates price evolution over time. It’s an essential extension if you’re a regular Amazon buyer. 

PayPal Honey

PayPal has joined the Honey organization to ensure that you obtain the best deals that are verified. You can add it as an extension to any of your favorite browsers. When you search for products online, PayPal will hunt for the best discounts for the ultimate savings this Black Friday.


Not only is ShopSavvy available as a browser extension, but you can also download the mobile app to your phone. If you choose the latter, you can scan barcodes in your local store so the app can check for any discounts in your area. The browser version lets you check online for any actual sales to see if the offered promotion is actually worth it.

Black Friday


Idealo is a popular price comparison tool in Europe that’s used for comparing different products and services. At the moment, it has a chief focus on locating the cheapest flights. It will help if you plan on travelling over the next few weeks to see loved ones for Christmas. While the mobile app is available, you can also visit the site.


Here’s another browser extension that you can also download as a mobile app. While you’re surfing for the best gifts this Black Friday, you’ll see notifications appear that alert you to the best prices for specific products. It will also show you any coupons you can apply at select online stores. 


Yes, we know what’s in your mind: Telegram is a messaging application, right? Yet, there are many broadcast channels and groups that list sales, discounts, coupons, and promotional offers. As a matter of fact, we actually prepared a list of the top Telegram channels for offers a while back. Give it a read and feel free to join any that interest you!

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