Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier
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Modern life can be difficult. Everybody seems to be in a rush all the time, there is a seemingly constant pressure to improve yourself, and money can seem like a figment of the imagination.

Let’s look at some apps that can help deal with all of this modern stress. All links are at the bottom of the page…

Getting from A to B

Everybody has somewhere they need to be.

If the bus, subway, or train is your mode of transport, City Mapper (iOS) is the king of public transport apps. It can even tell you which part of the train you need to be on and which is the best exit when you’re leaving the station. It even allows you to share your live location with friends and family.

If you’re more of a driver, Gas Buddy (iOS) is the app for you. Gas Buddy is kind of like a Trip Advisor for Gas Stations, enabling you to find the cheapest gas station wherever you are.

Self Improvement

Here are some good choices for those who are constantly trying to better themselves.

Memrise (iOS) makes it easier than ever before to learn vocabulary for that foreign language you’re trying to learn.

Duolingo (iOS) turns the whole language learning process into a game.

Scribd is like Netflix for books.

Google Docs (iOS) allows every student in the class to take notes together on the same document.

Saving money and paying bills

Because who has enough money?

Mint (iOS) brings together all of your disparate financial information, like checking accounts and unpaid bills, and packages everything up nicely so that is easier to manage.

RetailMeNot (iOS) gives you automatic notifications on all the best deals, discounts, sales, and promotions that are close to the phone’s location. The app also offers coupon codes for online sales.

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