Apps to edit your music tags

Edit your tags and rock onIf you’re a little on the obsessive-compulsive side then there’s probably nothing more satisfying than having your music library all neat and tidy, with all the track titles, authors, musical styles and album names entered correctly. Let’s face it though, filling in all those ID3 tags in your music library can be a real nightmare, all the so more if you have a lot of music and have never really tended to it. What you can do then is use an application that will specifically edit music tags.

mp3Tag for one, as you can read up in James’s review, is very quick and efficient at editing all this metadata, allowing you to replace words, and most of all importing tags from the FreeDB database. Audio Tags Editor will also allow you to export tags to various formats and automatically applies changes into your own music library. If you’re looking for a more basic application, you can turn to Audio Tagging Tools. It has all the editing features you need, can generate statistics on your collection and create HTML reports. Tag&Rename is probably even easier to use, thanks to its double-paned interface. It also lets you complete tags by entering information from the FreeDB database. There’s many more tag editors to choose from and we suggest you take a closer look if none of the aforementioned convince you.

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