Are you Getting the Most out of Messenger?

Are you Getting the Most out of Messenger?

I received a group message from my cousins on Messenger the other day and I couldn’t help thinking how retro it was. I’ve been using WhatsApp for for a while now and Facebook Messenger genuinely seemed like a  blast from the past. Thing was though, when I said so in the group everybody else was like, “We use this all the time.” I was the odd one out.

After a few days getting back into Messenger I know that I shouldn’t have left it behind in the first place. Whereas there are plenty of features that overlap with WhatsApp there are a good few that you find in the little green bubble that you’ll get in the little blue bubble. Let us check  out 3 of the best now.


Are you getting the most out of Messenger?
There a lots of fun games you can play in the Messenger app

Apart from wordplay, WhatsApp can’t offer you any type of gaming experience. Facebook Messenger, on the other hand, has a plethora of different games available for you to play with or against your friends. Whether hidden games, like the basketball and football games that are hiding behind their respective emojis, or in the games menu found at the bottom right hand corner of the mobile app you’ll be able to find some to help you kill a few minutes. If you add a bit of friendly competition into the mix, those minutes might quickly turn into hours.

Send and Receive Money for Free

If you and your friend have both got a debit card you’ll be able to send money to each other using Messenger. This will no doubt come in handy if you or someone close to you find yourselves in a pinch and at the very least will give you a reason to stop complaining that your mum has added you as a friend on Facebook.

Conference Calls

Are you getting the most out of Messenger? messenger-video-calling
Conference calls are quick and easy to setup

Did you know that you can use Messenger to hold conference calls with up to 50 people? Well you can. WhatsApp might have the edge on group messages, you can 256 people in a group message on WhatsApp but only 150 on messenger, but Messenger wins hands-down when it comes to conference calls. In fact only 2 other major messaging services offer conference call capability. China’s WeChat and Japan’s Line Messenger.

So there are 3 of our favorite features that you’ll find on Messenger but not WhatsApp. If you’ve got any more let us know in the comments below. Also stay tuned as we’ll putting together some tutorials for Messenger users who aren’t quite sure how to get the most out of Messenger.

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