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Ariana Grande, The Roots, and Jimmy Fallon rock out using Nintendo Labo

The Nintendo Switch has taken the world by storm. It quickly became the bestselling Nintendo console ever and has won over new fans to the Nintendo cause the world over. People who’ve never owned a Nintendo console before have played the Switch and bought one themselves. A console that is just as comfortable at home as it is on the road is the latest in a long line of innovative products from Nintendo, a company that started out making card and board games back in the 50s.

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Youtube

With Nintendo Labo for the Switch, Nintendo has continued that history of innovation by releasing a set of console accessories unlike any that has ever been seen before. Sold as cardboard flat packs, the Labo accessories task their owners with building various cardboard tools and instruments and using the various parts of the Nintendo Switch console to turn them into fully interactive tools. From the touchscreen to the joy cons each composite piece of the Switch has various sensors built-in, and the Labo kits ingeniously use the Switch’s sensors to track different movements and actions.

Labo kits range from remote control bugs to epic robot controlling jetpacks. One of the more innovative uses of the Labo cardboard is the creation of musical instruments. To show just how good these Nintendo Labo instruments can be, singing sensation Ariana Grande teamed up with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots. Check out the results below:

Very cool. Not the best if you’re playing the fishing rod, and this is possibly the worst use ever of both Questlove and the epic robot jetpack Labo kit. Mostly though, this is very cool and an excellent demonstration of just how innovative Nintendo Labo really is.

One would like to share a social experience with you

Royal wedding fever is taking over, and it seems that people are getting a little hot under the collar. A few regal proclamations and anybody is yours. Or at least that is what is happening on Tinder. A Mashable writer has been spicing up her Tinder DMs with royal-wedding themed pickup lines, and they’ve been working!

Source: Rachel Thompson / Mashable

Proclaiming your blue blood lineage seems to work then. As always though it is humor that wins the day. Innuendos like, “Do you wanna Buck(ingham Palace)?” or “You might be 100th in line to the throne, but you’re first in line to my royal goblet” will raise a smile at least, which will usually get you a response.

As these regal jests were put forward by a woman, it didn’t take long before the men took the conversation down a sleazier route. It just shows you though, that keeping on top of current events in a humorous is the best way to break the ice with the opposite sex. Now off to your chosen dating app, go make some babies.

It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and you’re all out of chewing gum

This week we’ve been asking our readers to vote for the best video game quote of all time. You need to get in on the action and get your friends involved too. Games are packed with juicy unforgettable nuggets that stick with us forever. Which video game quotes are your favorite?

Source: Softonic

Quotes can be funny, or clever, or heartfelt, or just plain badass. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do; you’ll have your own favorite quotes that have inspired you, or made you laugh, or taught you something. Your favorite quotes might have come from a famous speech, or an epic novel or movie. Trust us; games have quotes that are just as epic as anything you’ve heard elsewhere.

This is your chance to vote on the best video game quotes of all time. What are you waiting for?

The evil possibilities offered by Google Duplex

You will have either been impressed or horrified when Google unveiled Duplex at its latest I/O Conference. Google Duplex is a new skill for the Google Assistant. It allows you to ask your assistant to make appointments and gather information over the phone. Basically, Duplex is a complex set of algorithms that allows your Assistant to participate in two way conversations over the telephone with third-party human beings and relay the information back to you.

Source: Adam Fierman / Youtube

Google Duplex sounded so natural in the I/O Conference demonstrations that Google has faced a backlash. People are not happy with the idea of being tricked into thinking they’re talking to a human when they’re actually talking to a machine. The backlash has been so fierce that Google has since announced that Duplex will always inform the person on the other end of the line that they’re talking to a machine.

Duplex is going nowhere, however, which means soon we’ll all be talking to AI Assistants. This opens up a world of possible human to computer interactions and these videos explore just a couple of the more cringe-worthy possible uses for your AI Assistant. Check them out now.

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