Arnie lands at CeBit to promote rise of the machines

Arnie lands at CeBit to promote rise of the machines

The real Arnie?It seems that in these hard economic times even the World’s biggest stars can’t expect the red carpet treatment. As you can see from this picture, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arrival in Hannover to open CeBit 2009 was less than dignified. Looks like the tech event’s organizers couldn’t spare a limousine and a large entourage this year, and instead opted to drag the Governor of California out of a van on a bit of rope.

Schwazenegger appeared alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel to lift the curtain on this year’s event. The unlikely pairing forged a show of strength between the USA and Europe, as the World’s biggest tech exhibition prepares to demonstrate how global innovation will steer the computing industry through the economic downturn.

OnSoftware is at CeBit 2009 to bring you all the latest software news and gossip from the show. If you’re a blogger at the show and want to come along for a chat about software (or anything else, for that matter) , you’ll find us on the Softonic stand on stand K35 in Hall 6. There will be a glass of Spanish wine and some delicious Serrano ham waiting for you!

[Filed by: Frank Martin Lauterwein @ OnSoftware DE]

* By the way, that picture wasn’t really Arnold but rather a waxwork of him used on his stand at the show. This is an exclusive snap of the real one arriving, flanked by a dozen bodyguards. Not such a tough guy these days are you, Mr. Governator?

The fake Arnie?

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