Attach files to Gmail directly from Windows

Attach files to Gmail directly from Windows

gattach-logo.jpgI use Gmail so much now that in many ways, I prefer it to even using Outlook. However, integration with Windows is nowhere near as good as Microsoft Outlook for obvious reasons.

gAttach! bridges that gap somewhat by allowing you to attach files directly to Gmail or Google Apps Mail directly from Windows. In other words, just right-click on a file, select “Send To” and “Mail recipient” and the plugin will automatically open your Gmail client with the file already attached. It not only attaches files directly from Windows Explorer – it also opens up a whole new world of attachment possibilities from Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Send File dialogue

There’s not much to it than that but you’ll find it’s a much quicker and convenient alternative than always having to open your Gmail client when you want to attach and send a file. However, it’s worth noting that you may experience some glitches. If you are sending a file attachment whose filename is in a different alphabet to the one you use normally (e.g. your computer uses English but you’re sending a Spanish named attachment), it may not recognise or attach the file. If you’re logged into your Gmail, it won’t prompt you for your details but if you are not, then it does ask you for your username and password which you may or may not feel comfortable submitting.

You can download gAttach directly here.

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