Automatically record your favourite radio shows

RaimaRadio imageThe internet has meant that radio stations from all over the world now reach more listeners than ever before. The choice we now have is astounding but the downside is that it’s virtually impossible to listen to everything that you’d like to. However, one useful option is to record radio shows whilst you are away from your computer or engaged in other activities.

RaimaRadio allows you to do this bringing together hundreds of stations from across the world. Most importantly though, it allows you to record several stations at once for playback at a later date. This can either be done via RaimaRadio’s own internal scheduler or if you prefer, it even integrates with Windows Task Scheduler. This latter option is useful if you don’t want the program to conflict with other tasks you have scheduled such as scans, defrags etc. It also supports Winamp plugins and on some stations, displays album art according to the songs being played.

Unfortunately, the big drawback is that sometimes many of the radio stations will not stream. This can often be solved by updating the stream in preferences although it can also be affected by other bandwidth-heavy programs you have running.

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