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Avast 2018 Is Coming, With 2 Great New Features

Avast 2018 Is Coming, With 2 Great New Features

Do you have a sticker covering your webcam? Even Mark Zuckerberg has one! These stickers aren’t there for show; they are there because people are worried about who might be watching from the other side of the webcam. People are worried about how their webcam can affect their privacy.

We all have that niggling little fear of what a hacker could do if he was spying on our most private moments. Cyber-criminals could use our private photos and videos to blackmail us or even just harm us by distributing them throughout our social networks.

This is something that Avast has moved to address in the forthcoming Avast 2018 release, which includes a new Webcam Shield feature.

With Webcam Shield activated, Avast 2018 will only allow trusted apps to access your webcam. If something suspicious takes place, the system will warn you. Avast 2018 gives you total control over your trusted apps whitelist. There is even the nuclear option, which involves disabling the camera so that nobody – not even you – can use it. This, of course, is reversible, in case you decide you want to use the camera again in the future.

You get Webcam Shield with Avast Premier or with Avast’s brand new mega package for 2018: Avast Ultimate.

Avast Ultimate includes all four of Avast’s premium applications (Premier, Cleanup Premium, SecureLine VPN and Password Premium) at a special price. In fact, Avast Ultimate is approximately half the price you’d have to pay if you bought all of the premium applications separately.

Here’s a quick review of the four premium applications included in Avast Ultimate 2018.

Premier beefs up your security. In addition to detecting and removing viruses, ransomware, malware, Trojans, and much more, this anti-everything includes new features like the previously mentioned Webcam Shield, improved real-time protection, a Ransomware Shield, and an improved anti-phishing system.

The 2018 version of Avast Cleanup Premium has had a facelift, which makes it easier for you to clean, speed up and fix your beloved computer. It includes a brand-new control panel, which gives you at-a-glance access to the state of your computer and the ability to optimize six critical areas of your PC with a single click. On top of that, you’ll have easy access to the registry, hard disks, browsers, shortcuts and annoying ads or toolbars.

With Avast SecureLine VPN 2018, you’ll have guaranteed safe, private and unrestricted regional navigation no matter where you are. It has an improved and easier to use interface and more servers than ever before. Users of Avast SecureLine 2018 will be able to connect to servers in 53 countries around the world.

As secure passwords are becomingly increasingly complicated, there has never been a better time to start using a password manager. Avast Password Premium 2018 is a password manager you can trust. It will safely and securely store all of your most private information to keep it safe and also use it to automatically fill in web forms when you’re shopping online.

Avast Ultimate is not only a solution designed to say goodbye to the viruses and intrusions you can expect on a typical computer. If you have Avast Ultimate installed on your machine, not only can you forget about being spied on via your webcam; you can also forget about any type of threat that could come from the internet.


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