Avengers 4: Will a new team be formed by the end of the film?

By the end of “Avengers 4,” we could have a new team of superheroes. Here are our predictions!

Expected to hit our screens in April 2019, Avengers 4 will face the daunting task of concluding Phase 3 in addition to launching Phase 4 of MCU.

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This has got us thinking about what we can expect to see in the upcoming Avengers films. Yes, there is a strong possibility that more films are yet to come after the success of Infinity War. We’re especially intrigued by who will be included in the next team. It is expected that new members will join the Avengers after the departures of several characters, with some actors’ contracts running out, as is the case with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., who play Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.

We believe that Black Widow (who could have a solo film just for her, even if as a prequel), Hulk (since Mark Ruffalo still has at least one film to make after Avengers 4) and Thor will still be in the game.

They may be joined by Spider-Man (which would seem even more likely given his recent introduction to MCU), Black Panther (who proved successful in his solo film), and even Captain Marvel. You would think that if the studio is trying so hard to hype up the almighty heroine (who could even be powerful enough to move planets), it would be for a good reason. As for Doctor Strange, this character is perhaps a bit too powerful to join the team of superheroes. It would be very difficult to find enemies strong enough to rival him, if not threats in the whole cosmos. Let’s not forget sidekicks like Bucky, War Machine, Falcon, or even Scarlet Witch, who we still expect to find on the scene. Marvel Studios seems to have long-term plans for Wanda.

In any case, we are looking forward to discovering if the Russo brothers will revive some (or all) of Thanos’ victims in the “Avengers” sequel…

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