AVG Antivirus launched for Mac

AVG Antivirus launched for Mac

AVG Technologies has launched a new security suite for OS X, AVG AntiVirus for Mac. Like its Windows counterpart, it offers real time protection against malware and viruses.

Compatible with Mavericks and Mountain Lion, AVG AntiVirus for Mac scans for malware based on Android, Windows and OS X. You can drag and drop files onto the app to scan them, and it of course offers a full system scan too.

Michael McKinnon, Security Advisor at AVG Technologies AU, said: “It’s a popular belief that Mac computers are invincible, but they never were – it’s just been a matter of OS X not reaching the popularity that Windows® historically had. Thanks to the advent of iPhones® and the iPad®, the Mac platform has scaled exponentially, and that fact alone makes it a viable target for attackers. We’ve extended our award-winning AntiVirus product range to cover OS X and Mountain Lion because our customers are our priority and we aim to protect them, whatever device or system they choose to use.”

However, while there are theoretically threats to Mac users, the reality is still that they are still almost non existent. AVG AntiVirus for Mac may give you peace of mind, but until there’s a big Mac malware scandal, it’s hard to imagine many Mac users wanting to use their system resources running antivirus software.


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