AVG Antivirus, the free alternative

AVG Antivirus, the free alternative

avg1.JPGSecurity is one of the main concerns among computer users. This is why it’s important to count on reliable applications that can protect our system and data from potential dangers, especially when going online. Sometimes, free security apps are regarded as being less safe but you might change your mind after testing AVG Antivirus.

AVG is one of the handiest antivirus systems I’ve seen so far (and believe me, I’ve tested a few, including big shots like BitDefender, Panda and Kaspersky). Being a smaller application, AVG may not feature such a wide range of tools or utilities as the other antivirus programs do. However, it makes up for it by offering a neat, effective protection which stays silently minimized in your system tray and only activates when needed.

This is precisely one of the best things about AVG. It works completely in the background, without the need of half the system resources and of course, without constantly bothering you with warning windows or update messages. You can just go on with your work and you won’t even notice you have an antivirus application up and running.

AVG features real time protection and an email scanner, which should be enough to ensure you’re not infected with any of the thousands of viruses spreading around the Internet. Also, it integrates seamlessly with Windows Explorer, thus allowing you to scan files from their context menus. AVG’s virus database is automatically updated on a daily basis, so you’re always protected even from the most recently discovered threats. The program can run a built-in scheduled system test but doesn’t allow you to create new scheduled tasks, as this is something reserved for the Professional version.

In fact, being the free light version of a complete program, AVG sometimes shows the typical nagging window encouraging you to buy the Professional version with extra utilities, which may annoy the more sensitive users. Together with its unattractive interface, these are probably the main flaws you find in the program.

In any case, AVG Antivirus remains a perfect security solution for the average computer user, providing quite a powerful weapon against viruses.

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